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Dr. Muñoz is a psychologist who is interested in learning, memory, motivation, self-regulation, and emotion. He is most passionate about the teaching of psychology as a science and undergraduate mentoring. He graduated with his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Wyoming in 2018. Dr. Muñoz is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Earlham College, a private and small liberal arts college in the Midwest. 


Dr. Muñoz adopted a dog back in 2017 from the Laramie Wyoming Animal Shelter. Since then, they became best friends and lived a series of wild adventures together. They both enjoy going out for walks and spending quality lazy days at home. Spot enjoys chasing possums, rabbits, and squirrels in his free time. He is also a huge fan of treats and every little piece of food Dr. Muñoz drops to the ground . . . 


During his free time, Dr. Muñoz likes to play the piano and synthesizers. He enjoys playing jazz, progressive rock, pop, and instrumental music. Dr. Muñoz recently decided to take his music adventures more seriously and is beginning to work on YouTube videos and recordings. Make sure to visit the music section of this website for updates!

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